Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clear Mounting Wood Mount Stamps

During SAB, I was able to get many of the Extreme Sports stamp sets. I wanted them to all be grouped together in my storage, and I wanted them to take up as little room as possible so I wanted them to work with my clear blocks. Here is what I did:
Since the stamps are all die-cut now it makes it fairly easy to do. The first step is to punch out the die-cut stamp.
Hold stamp over the sticker label and then cut around the sticker. Remove both sticky backings.
Attach sticker to stamp and trim any more edges that need to be trimmed.
Add a layer of tombow multipurpose adhesive on top of the sticker.
Set aside to dry. I let mine sit out over night.

Place label stickers on clear storage container and add stamps. Perfect for your clear mount collection :) This can also be done with stamps you already have mounted...just stick the block in the microwave for a few seconds no more than ten, peel off the stamp and sticker, and continue assembling.

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