Saturday, July 20, 2013

Convention Day 3

Since we stopped for breakfast this morning on our way into the Convention, we drove right past the Stampin' Up! building.  When we jumped out of the car, we actually saw sheep on the front lawn.  It was pretty funny!  There was a walker walking by so we asked him to take a couple pictures for us :)  This is my first pictures with the rock out front! 

 We got there in time to get close seats again (pretty easy when there are only 3 of you :)  Shelli is always dressed to impress!  Such a classy lady!
 Then we were off to classes, lunch, taking pictures of the display boards, and a more classes.  It was all about the Prize Patrol for us today!
 MJ had a winning wrist band before lunch.
Kathy and I each won during one of the breakout classes!

We ended the general session with more fireworks...two of which were actual booms which scared me pretty bad...hence the bit uneven picture!
 And then...silver confetti raining down on us! :)
 After dinner, we headed to the airport to come home.  I love Convention!  There is always so much inspiration that goes through my mind.  Most of the time I can't wait to get home and put it in to action!  It's just the boost I need to get going again!  Already looking forward to next year's convention the week of July 14....who's coming with me?!?!

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