Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas dear friends and family!  You’ll find the following entries this year in the Hurdsman Family Dictionary for 2010:

Hurdsman Family Van:  over 7,000 miles just this summer to attend two funerals and Stampin’ Up! Convention/planned family vacation, been to Disneyland (thanks to give a day, get a day program), many trips to SeaWorld, local museums, the library, parks, and soccer fields.

Sydney:  definitely 3, dare devil, always making us laugh, two-day preschool lover, knows how to have fun.

Sierra:  excellent 1st grader, member of the Blue Diamonds soccer team, queen of imagination land (playing house and school are her favorites), sneaking up on the age of 7, collector of odds & ends.

J.R.: already 9, member of the Blue Tigers soccer team, fantastic 3rd grader, ripstik fanatic, accomplished Cub Scout, times table master.

Hurdsman Family House:  chaos at times, wii parties, backyard fire pit meals complete with woof-ums, weekend visitors.

Jenn: mom taxi service, Primary President, schedule organizer, avid reader, stamper, and blogger.

Dave:  frequent flyer for work travels, Bishop, family bike riding instigator, fun family weekend planner, gardening enthusiast.

Hurdsman Family Adventures:  Easter Pageant attendees, Padre game spectators, horseback riding pros, Brigham City Utah Temple Ground Breaking diggers, boogie boarding experts, trail hiking achievers, backyard trampoline campers.

May you treasure the Spirit of the Christmas season all year and may you be blessed in the coming year!  

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