Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to friends and family near and far

To us, each of you is like a bright shiny star

For our family the year 2011 exceeded the fun bar

Trips and adventures were taken not just in the car

Summer took our family to upstate New York

Church sites & Niagara Falls filled us to the cork

Hawaii is where Dave & Jenn ate pulled pork

Snowboarding, surfing, wake boarding, and

water skiing were attempted with a little torque

Sydney is the sweet number four

Preschool has become her 3-day chore

Art, Polly Pockets, and Barbies leave her asking for more

Each day she leaves us guessing what’s in store

Sierra is exploring how it is to be almost eight

Recess and her teacher are what make second grade great

Soccer, playing school, dancing, and singing are all first-rate

She’ll be baptized in February…seems like a long wait!

J.R. has just reached a full decade

Soccer, cub scouts, and running he won’t trade

Science and math help him love fourth grade

On to the next adventure he does persuade

Jenn has found time quickly ticking

Stamping and volunteering keep her clicking

Primary President makes her brain keep picking

Water damage to the floors have left her kicking

Dave has found an eternal lack of time

Life continues to be one long climb

He wishes he was just teaching a nursery rhyme

Surfing in Hawaii was sublime

Remember to keep the Savior near.

He’ll keep you in the clear.

May you be blessed in the coming year…

Filled with lots of joy and cheer!

Love, Dave, Jenn, J.R., Sierra, and Sydney Hurdsman

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