Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool's Day

Our house has a lot of fun playing pranks on April Fool's.  I wanted to document our fun day with pictures this year so I created this page to document it.

1.  Dave took the door knob off J.R.'s door.  So when it's shut there's no way to get out unless you know to use a screwdriver (or the door knob) to put in the hole to turn it.  I wouldn't let him close it during the night because J.R. does wake up during the night to use the bathroom sometimes.  At 3 a.m., I was glad we hadn't shut the door because he got up.  He used the bathroom but then proceeded to try and trick us by going back to his bed.  He went back to the bathroom to play a prank but I sent him back to bed.  A half hour later, we heard him again crawling around in our room (he had plans to face paint a mustache on Dave)....he got sent back to bed.  Needless to say, when he woke up and found his door this way, he wasn't very happy....especially because he hadn't been able to do any of his well-thought out pranks yet.
2.  I taped the girls' door frame.  They giggled in the morning and thought it was hilarious!  They actually left it like this all day so they had to crawl under the bottom tape in and out of their room.  They thought it was hilarious :)
3.  Sierra put hair mousse in the handle of the door.  It didn't get me  :)
4.  Sierra proceeded with more mousse on the towels.  The only place she actually got me was in the sleeves of my robe...I wasn't expecting that one.
5.  Sydney TOTALLY got me with tape at the bottom of the fridge.  Since I saw the mousse, I cleaned that up and then proceeded to open the fridge...and it was stuck shut.  This same trick got me last year!  
6.  Sierra added food coloring to the ice.
7.  Sierra added food coloring to the water pitcher.
8.  When I went to brush my teeth, I knew something was suspicious because they were all too well placed in the toothbrush holder so I rinsed my brush before brushing...sure enough soap.  (Apparently, Dave & I both had soap added to the top of our deodorant but neither of us noticed.
9.  Sierra added food coloring to the milk.  Once it was off the top of the container, it actually looked like chocolate milk.
10.  I totally got J.R. by telling him he had a phone call when he was in the shower.  He quickly got dried off and answered the phone.  It was hilarious.  I realized I'm not a good prankster...I could not hold in my laughter!!!
11.  Brown Es!  This idea I got from pinterest.  I cut out Es and then put them in a pan with foil over the top in the outside fridge.  J.R. was going over to a friend's house so I told him he could take them with him.  He realized before he took them what they were and decided to take them and try and get his friend.  He totally got her!  They decided to snack on the "brownies" he brought while their pizza cooked.  Apparently, an hour later he actually had to explain about them because she didn't get it :)
12.  J.R. wiped Dave's glass for dinner down with lemon juice.  Unfortunately, Dave didn't even notice.  It gave the rest of us the giggles knowing what was on the glass.
13.  Syd came out for dinner like this.  She claims that she fell asleep while Sierra did this.  They are too funny!
14.  J.R. took the batteries out of Dave's alarm clock as his last trick of the day.
15.  Dave decided to play one last prank and set J.R.'s alarm clock for 10:40 p.m.  We went to bed...the prank was really on Dave, though, because J.R. hasn't learned to wake up to an alarm clock yet so Dave had to get up and turn it off.

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